We gather a dream team of the best rockstar Python/Javascript engineers.  While we love working with Django on the backend and Ember.js on the front-end, sometimes these aren’t the right tools for the job. We are always keeping up with the most modern frameworks and technologies and can help you pick the right ones for the job.


We offer website adaptation for mobile devices, creating single APIs for web and native applications.


We offer our experience to analyze and review the usability, code quality, system architecture, security and performance of our Clients’ products.
We are able to optimize the performance efficiently configuring our Clients’ servers, as well as to advise on using cloud services and caching to help to scale their systems.

Quality Assurance and Deployment

We provide a full range of quality assurance (QA) services from requirements and usability testing to performance and load testing. Our QA engineers solve tasks of any complexity, from manual testing to test automation by applying traditional development processes as well as the Agile ones.