Our office meets all security standards and we employ very strict security measures

Our Development Center is equipped with modern physical and network security systems. Access to our locations is controlled and monitored around the clock. Moreover, our current enterprise customers have their own security standards with which we fully comply.

We take security and reliability seriously. This is why in our development center in Cluj-Napoca Romania we have multiple fiber optic connections with different providers.

We also protect  intellectual property by isolating systems and restricting employee access on multiple levels.

All of our resources are full-time employees and our employment contracts fully cover intellectual property protection by means of a non-disclosure agreement.

Our systems are part of a continuous improvement process and we comply with industry best practices for security.

Software Security Standards

Business runs on software. To protect the business, mobile and web-based software must be secure. Therefore, application security is a core competency of our organization  security strategy.

Eliminating vulnerabilities during development can result in a two to three orders-of-magnitude reduction in the total cost of repairing the code versus making the repairs afterwards. To achieve these goals, we respect the following processes:

Security Code Review

During the code review, we verify that the proper security controls are present, that they work as intended, and that they have been invoked in all the right places.

Security Testing

An Application Security Test is an ethical attack simulation that is intended to expose the effectiveness of an application’s security controls by highlighting risks posed by actual exploitable vulnerabilities. The Penetration Test model is built around a manual and automated testing process.

Security Best Practices


During the development process we follow the industry best practices.